Configuring Extension Mobility on Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express

Extension Mobility feature has been added to CUCME beginning in release 4.2 and later.Enhancements like  Automatic Logout ,Automatic Clear Call History and Privacy on an Extension Mobility Phone were made in CUCME version 4.3. In order to configure Extension Mobility on CUCME , here are the quick 4 mandatory steps involved: Step1: Configure Cisco Unified CME for EM Service : cucme-hq(config)#ip http server cucme-hq(config)#telephony-service cucme-hq(config-telephony)#url authentication appname cisco cucme-hq(config-telephony)#authentication credential appname cisco cucme-hq(config-telephony)#em keep-history cucme-hq(config-telephony)#em logout 19:00 24:00 Explanation : Here,we turned on HTTP server on the Cisco Unified CME router that hosts the service URL for the Extension Mobility Login and Logout pages.We configured URL authentication which instructs IP phones to send HTTP requests to the authentication server.Also,we created an entry for an EM application's credential(appname) with password(cisco) in the…
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