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35+ Detailed Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Cisco Unified Presence Server Video Cook Book

“Learn Cisco Unified Presence Server from Scratch”

Cisco Unified Communication Architecture is key for today’s Enterprise VOIP businesses development. Voice Over IP is a  technology that has taken world by storms  . Together with Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Cisco Unified Presence Server lets you leverage your existing infrastructure to develop state-of-the-art platform for VOIP communications.

Even if you are new to Cisco VOIP , this Video Cook book has been designed from the ground up. It will teach you from basics of CUPS installation , pre-requisites to a full-functional CUPS Server all with step-by-step instructions and with more than 35+ specific technology-focused tutorials. I can assure you that by the time you finish this Video Cook Book , you will be ready to deploy Enterprise Level Cisco Unified Presence Services.

Not Only will you learn CUPS, but this package will help you learn Cisco Unified Communication Manager Integration , Cisco Unified Connection as well as Microsoft Office Communication Server setup , Active Directory and Domain Forest Setup , LDAP setup and many many more. You will end up learning much more than CUPS itself all by comfort of step by step 35+ detailed Video tutorials.

Table of Contents(ToC) :

  • Introduction to Cisco Unified Presence Server
  • Learn CUPS Installation Pre-requisites , Installation in VMware environment and Post-Install Configuration
  • Turn Cisco IP Phone into Instant Messenger Application Via IP Phone Messenger  (IPPM)
  • Learn Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) features including Click2Dial Operation and detailed OS logging and troubleshooting tasks
  • Learn to add Unified Users to CUPC Contact List without need for an LDAP Server
  • Learn Complex Administrative Tasks as well as day-to-day Operations and maintenance tasks
  • Configure Privacy for Instant Messenger Users with Scenario based illustration and configuration
  • Configure and Setup Cisco Unified Clients into Cisco Unified Communication Manager database
  • Understand CUCM7 and CUPS7 Device Link Units (DLU’s) and Licensing Capabilities with detailed explanation of Adjunct Licensing feature and its advantages
  • Integrate CUPS7 with Cisco Unity Connection 7 for Voice Mail Configuration
  • Configure , test , verify and troubleshoot Voice Mail Access for Unified End Users on Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Client (CUPC)
  • Learn to configure LDAP profiles , synchronize and authenticate CUPC users using Active Directory as an LDAP Server
  • Introduction to Unified Clients User Pages and Learn to add Contacts to CUPC using Active Directory Users
  • Learn Application Dial Rules (ADRs) and Directory Lookup Rules for seam-less and universal dialing support from Missed Calls/Received Calls directory

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