How Firepower Policies Examine Traffic For Intrusions

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When the system analyzes traffic as part of your access control deployment, the network analysis (decoding and preprocessing) phase occurs before and separately from the intrusion prevention (intrusion rules and advanced settings) phase

The following diagram illustrate, in a simplified fashion, the order of traffic analysis in an inline, intrusion prevention and advanced malware protection (AMP) deployment. It illustrates how the access control policy invokes other policies to examine traffic, and in which order those policies are invoked.

FP Policies

In an inline deployment, the system can block traffic without further inspection at almost any step in the illustrated process. Security Intelligence (IP SI , URL SI , DNS SI), the SSL policy, network analysis policies, file policies, and intrusion policies can all either drop or modify traffic. Only the network discovery policy, which passively inspects packets, cannot affect the flow of traffic.

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