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Beginning with CME 7.1, Cisco has included single number reach (SNR) in IOS Software Releases.It allows users to answer incoming calls on their desktop IP phone or at a remote destination, such as a cell phone,home phone etc. and to pick up in-progress calls on the desktop phone or the remote phone without losing the connection.  This allows callers to use a single number to reach the phone user hence named Single Number Reach. Calls that are not answered can be forwarded to voice mail.

For incoming calls to the SNR extension, Cisco Unified CME rings the desktop IP phone first. If the IP phone does not answer within the configured amount of time, it rings the configured remote number while continuing to ring the IP phone. Unanswered calls are sent to a configured voice-mail number.

Remote Destinations can be either of following:

  • Mobile (cellular) phones.
  • Smart phones.
  • IP phones not belonging to the same Cisco Unified CME router as the desktop phone.
  • Home phone numbers in the PSTN. Supported PSTN interfaces include PRI, BRI, SIP, and FXO.

The IP phone user has these options for handling calls made to the SNR extension:

Pull back the call from the remote phone—Phone user can manually pull back the call to the SNR extension by pressing the Resume soft key, which disconnects the call from the remote phone.

Send the call to remote phone—Phone user can send the call to the remote phone by using the Mobility soft key. While connected to the call, the phone user can press the Mobility soft key and select “Send call to mobile.” The call is forwarded to the remote phone.

Enable or disable Single Number Reach—While the IP phone is in the idle state, the user can toggle the SNR feature on and off by using the Mobility soft key. If the user disables SNR, Cisco Unified CME does not ring the remote number.


ephone-template 1
softkeys idle Dnd Gpickup Pickup Mobility
softkeys connected Endcall Hold LiveRcd Mobility
ephone-dn 10
number 4001
snr 4085551212 delay 5 timeout 15 cfwd-noan 4003
ephone 10
ephone-template 1
button 1:10

Single Number Reach

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