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In Cisco Unified Communicator Manager (CUCM ) , Users can check the status of another phone via what is known as “Phone Presence” i.e status of phone/line DN being in either ON HOOK state, OFF HOOK state ,¬† DO NOT DISTURB state etc.This feature in CUCM is called BLF (Busy Lamp Field).BLF displays the real-time status of another phone device “phone presence” information”.

There are couple of ways BLF status can be seen in CUCM:

BLF Speed Dial :

BLF SD is two-fold feature.First,you can press SD button to call another Speed Dial extension and also, you can see “phone presence” status of SD user’s extension.

BLF Call Lists  :

Using BLF Call Lists Feature,which is actually configured at Enterprise Parameter Level, you can monitor “phone presence” status via Missed Calls / Received Calls / Placed Calls. Also,you can see status of Corporate Directory Users.

CUPS (Cisco Unified Presence Server) offers lot more than just “phone presence” status. CUPS offers following three (3) types of Presence Status:

  • Phone Presence
  • Calendar Presence
  • Reachability Presence

In addition to Instant Messaging capability,CUPS can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server,Microsoft Office Communication Server (MOCS) 2007, as well as Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC).CUPS also integrates well into Meeting Place Server for Web Conferencing capability.

Now,let me explain each of Presence type for you:

Phone Presence:

As i explained earlier,this is also available in CUCM.While CUPS is integrated with CUCM, it can display Phone Presence status i.e “On the phone”,”Off the phone”,”Do not disturb” etc . to Cisco Unified Presence Communicator (CUPC) client users.

Calendar Presence:

By integrating CUPS with Microsoft Exchange Server, CUPC would be able to display a contact’s status as “In a Meeting”,if user’s schedule is set to busy during that time period.This way ,users can be aware of their contact’s meeting schedules .

Reachability Presence:

Since CUPS is mainly an Instant Messenger (IM) application, Users can set their status as “Online”,”Available”,”Away”,”Idle” etc. Furthermore,users can set custom status for their contacts to see e.g “Out of Office”,”Out for lunch break” etc.

Each of these 3 features is an Independent feature .Forexample, assume that a User has set his/her CUPC Reachability presence status to “Away”.At same time,his Calendar Presence (Exchange) status is set to “Busy” and yet he is also on the phone right now i.e Phone presence status is “On the Phone”. In such circumstance, there is a non-configurable priority for each type of Presence i.e

Phone Presence –> Calendar Presence –> Reachability Presence

So,in short Phone Presence will override all other statuses if other than normal. e.g In case of above example, CUPC will display the user’s status as “On the Phone”.If user puts phone on hook , CUPC would display status as “In a Meeting” (based on Busy schedule in Exchange Calendar).When meeting is over,CUPC will display status as “Away”.Its important to understand each of these presence types in order to better troubleshoot Presence Server.

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