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Cisco Unified CME 7.1 introduced Whisper Intercom feature.This feature allows a user to call to a busy extension.When a phone user dials a whisper intercom line, the called phone automatically answers using speakerphone mode, providing a one-way voice path from the caller to the called party, regardless of whether the called party is busy or idle.The calling party can only be heard by the recipient of call.If called phone was busy,the original caller on the receiving phone does not hear the whisper call.

The phone receiving a whisper page displays the extension and name of the party initiating the whisper page and CUCME plays a zipzip tone before the called party hears the caller’s voice thus establishing a one-way audio channel. If the called party wants to speak to the caller, the called party  has to select the intercom line button on their phone. Pressing intercom line button on called phone changes the call state to connected (two-way audio).The lamp for intercom buttons are colored amber to indicate one-way audio for whisper intercom and green to indicate two-way audio for standard intercom.

Only one intercom call, either inbound or outbound, is allowed on the phone at one time. No call features are supported for intercom calls. Intercom lines cannot be shared. A directory number can only be either a regular intercom or whisper intercom type.  Whisper intercom directory number must be configured for each phone that requires the Whisper Intercom feature.A whisper intercom directory number can place calls only to another whisper intercom directory number. Calls between a whisper intercom directory number and a standard directory number or intercom directory number are rejected with a busy tone.


•Cisco Unified CME 7.1 or a later version.

•IP phones require SCCP 12.0 or a later version.

•Supported on SCCP phones only

•Not supported on single-line phone models such as the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906 or 7911.

•Whisper intercom directory numbers can place calls only to other whisper intercom numbers.

•A directory number can be configured as either a regular intercom or a whisper intercom, not both.

•Dual-line and octo-line directory numbers are not supported as intercom lines.

•Only one intercom call, either incoming or outgoing, is allowed on the phone at one time.

•Call features are not supported on intercom calls.

Enabling Whisper Intercom Feature:

The following example shows that Whisper Intercom is enabled for extension 1002:

ephone-dn 5
number 4001
whisper-intercom speed-dial 4002 label “Manager”

ephone 5
button 1:1 2:5

ephone-dn 6
number 4002
whisper-intercom speed-dial 4001 label “Assistant”

ephone 6
button 1:2 2:6

Line 2 for both ephones is Whisper Intercom Line


show ephone-dn whisper


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