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Cisco ESA Pipeline

Cisco ESA Main Features List :

Access control: Controlling access for inbound senders, according to a sender’s IP address, IP address range, or domain name.
Anti-spam: Multilayer filters based on Cisco SenderBase reputation and Cisco antispam integration. The antispam reputation and zero-day threat intelligence are fueled by the Cisco security intelligence and research group named Talos.
Network Anti-virus: Network antivirus capabilities at the gateway. Cisco partnered with Sophos and McAfee, supporting their antivirus scanning engines.
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): Allows security administrators to detect and block malware and perform continuous analysis and retrospective alerting.
Data loss prevention (DLP): The ability to detect any sensitive emails and documents leaving the corporation. The Cisco ESA integrates RSA email DLP for outbound traffic.
Email encryption: The ability to encrypt outgoing mail to address regulatory requirements. The administrator can configure an encryption policy on the Cisco ESA and use a local key server or hosted key service to encrypt the message.
Email authentication: A few email authentication mechanisms, including Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Sender ID Framework (SIDF), and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) verification of incoming mail, as well
as DomainKeys and DKIM signing of outgoing mail.
Outbreak filters: Preventive protection against new security outbreaks and email-based scams using Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) threat intelligence information.

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